Before and After 12-Week “Oly” Weightlifting Cycle

Worked for me to stop CF and and only do weightlifting.

Did “isabel” again after posting this video and having done almost no cardio, still hit a 45sec pr.

June 29, 2012

Linda – AKA “Three Bars Of Death”
Ten Rounds 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Deadlift – 1.5x body weight
Bench Press – 1x body weight
Squat Clean – .75x body weight

Scott – 39:28

Nice Scott!

Friend from college after a WOD, see, CF is FUN!!!

June 29, 2012

A buddy of mine made this WOD, I’ve yet to try it

Modified Angie
100 Pullups – 24 lb chain on neck
100 Pushups – 45 lb plate on back
100 Situps – 18 lb medicine ball
100 Overhead Squats – 18 lb medicine ball
(use heavier medicine ball if you’re a big guy)

Scott 49:51 Not exactly a stellar time, but a time nontheless

June 28, 2012

3 Rds:
20 Pull ups
20 Deadlifts 185#
20 Burpees

Who will take this one?????


My lil bro acting like a goof at his high school haha:

June 27, 2012

“Mini Mirrored Elizebeth”:


Clean 95#/65#,

Ring Dips

Nate 13:57

June 26, 2012

Mainsite CF wod from a few days ago:


95lb thruster
225lb deadlift

Jordan: 11:15
Paul: 8:28
Nate: 4:30

*techniique =’s speed!!


June 25, 2012

Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT):

– 2min as many reps as possible of pushups
– 2min as many reps as possible of situps
– 2mile run
Rest about ten minutes between events

Nate: 89pu, 96su, 12:04min *PR


Here’s me and a buddy doing the Bataan Memorial Death March, 26.2 mi race with 35lb rucksacks.

June 24, 2012

6 rounds of:

Run 2 min 50-60% max speed

Run 1 min 85-90% max speed

Picture is a prototype for the Yeti Cave logo:



Hey everyone, 

Just letting you know I updated the Form/Technique page with a few common exercise demos.  Enjoy🙂

June 23, 2012


don don dooooooonnn

21-15-9 reps of each:

Thrusters @ 95lbs


Nates Record: 2:34min


Below is a guy I saw doing the Bataan Memorial Death March: